Albert's rocks

This National Nature Reserve, originally named Drbákov - Albert's rocks (formerly known as White rocks), has been protected since 1933. It is a home to a unique set of ecosystems typical for the central Povltaví region. The steep rocks are located on the sunny slopes lining the right bank of the Vltava river, opposite the Smilovice resort. There is a 6-km-long nature trail with 11 information panels leading through the reserve and providing interesting information on the past and present of this unique site. The route is quite demanding with several parts literally passing through an alpine terrain. But it also includes several viewpoints offering breath-taking views of the Vltava canyon. This charming site is definitely a must for your time spent in the Povltaví region. It is truly one of its wonders.

Route and transport to the site


This site is not suitable for a hike from Slapy, due to its remoteness. However, the combination of transport by car and a walk of the nature trail is ideal. This scenario is described under the car route.

Cycling (approx. 23 km):

Golf Slapy - Buš - Čím - Chotilsko - Prostřední Lhota - Mokrsko - Čelina - Cholín - Nalžovice - Nalžovické Podhájí - U křížku hiking trail crossroads. A bike ride to Albert's rocks is possible, although not quite advisable. The nature trail is not suitable for bikes and, therefore, you would have to leave your bike somewhere. Unfortunately, there are no suitable and safe places for this along the route, maybe you could ask someone living in Nalžovické Podhájí to keep an eye on your bike for you.

By car (approx. 23 km):

Golf Slapy - Buš - Čím - Chotilsko - Prostřední Lhota - Mokrsko - Čelina - Cholín - Nalžovice - Nalžovické Podhájí. Your car is best left directly on the Nalžovické Podhájí village square. From there, you can follow the yellow-marked hiking trail to the "Pod Vyhlídkou" crossroads, where you can find the nature trail (about 6 km long). You can also park your car directly at the "U Křížku" hiking trail crossroads, situated several hundreds of metres off the village. The combination of going by car and walking the nature trail is perhaps the best way of exploring Albert's rocks. The walk of the nature trail is suitable for rather experienced hikers, as several parts of the trail are quite steep.

GPS coordinates - 49°43'23.676"N, 14°22'5.046"E / 49°43'4.026"N, 14°22'11.893"E (parkoviště)


Map No. 38 / C5, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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