Defunct forest swimming pool

The whole Slapy region has been a summer destination of many Prague inhabitants for years. Practically everybody is familiar with resorts on the shores of the vast reservoir. If you say “I’m going to Slapy”, the others will almost automatically assume you are going to swim in the reservoir. Only few, however, know that the Slapy village used to have its own swimming pool. The swimming pool, however, is long defunct and considerably dilapidated. What is more, it is not situated directly in the village, but, surprisingly, in the woods, on a hill above the village.

The swimming pool was created in the place of Šeberovy rybníčky (Šebera’s ponds), not far from the petrol station on the Nový Knín - Prague road. Come to think of it, what did the Slapy village need a swimming pool for if it is has always had the Vltava river to swim in? In 1935, the Slapy estate began to divide the vast forests in Vyhlídka (View) location into lots with the aim to create the generous Slapy Resort. Nearly 500 lots were created. Roads, electrical connection and water main were designed. The whole built-up area was to stretch from the Štěchovice - Slapy road to the Vltava river, Rovínek and the beginning of Saint John’s Currents. As soon as 1935, a luxurious forest restaurant Na Vyhlídce (The Viewpoint) along with a shooting range and villas was built. Before war, the whole project was presented as an ideal and safe haven of many Prague homes from the danger of Prague’s bombardment, at the time imminent. Due to the start of the war, the project was not completed in the extent as previously expected. The forest swimming pool was part of this whole project; as period leaflets put it: “fit also for non-swimmers and children and suitable for competitions and jumping”. At the swimming pool, there used to be cloakrooms and a refreshment kiosk. Still in the 50’s, the Slapy youth would come here swim.

Gradually, the swimming pool was shaded by the growing forest and it was run down. The ever cold water, streaming into the swimming pool directly from a nearby spring, did not make it more popular, apparently.

Route and transport to the site

Walking (approx. 3,6 km):

From the starting point, go through the Přestavlky village and get to the Slapy village square. Here, take the blue-marked hiking trail in direction of the Kocába valley. You will walk along forest paths and trails, avoiding any motor traffic. When you cross the main road connecting Prague and Nový Knín, take the blue-marked hiking trail following a forest path. After some 150 metres turn to the left on a crossroads of forest paths (turning to the right would take you to a mysterious forgotten small memorial – see above) and after another 400 metres you will get to the defunct swimming pool. The swimming pool is situated right off the path, but it is hidden among bushes that make it hard to spot the swimming pool from the path, especially in summer. It is located in the spot where there are marshes on both sides of the path. The swimming pool is situated on the right hand side of the forest path. Taking a path that turns to the right before the marshy land will take you after some 40 metres directly to the swimming pool. It is a nice walk, fit for any average hiker. When the weather is nice, the surrounding woods are ideal for mushroom picking.

Cycling (approx. 3,6 km):

See the route for walkers. Or you can use the route for cars. The biking route is not too demanding.

By car (approx. 4 km):

If you decide to go by car, you’ll need to drive all the way through the Slapy village to the Nový Knín - Prague main road. You will pass a petrol station in the direction of Prague and after some 200 metres pull over at a crossroads (you may park your car on the left side of the main road). You will have to walk from here, taking the blue-marked hiking trail in the direction of the Kocába valley. From here, see description of the route for walkers.

GPS coordinates - 49°49'34.663"N, 14°23'0.63"E


Map No. 38 / B5, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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