Defunct goldmine in Kozí Hory u Nového Knína

On the site, you can see the remains of one of the exploration mines near Nový Knín, the Sylva-Taroucca adit. The adit is about 200 m long and was opened in 1911 by count Sylva-Taroucca, the owner of the Průhonice estate, who then operated exploration mines in the whole region, attempting to reopen the goldmines. When digging the adit, the miners came across old mines several times. But in the 1920s the adit was abandoned due to lack of profit. In the 1950s the mine was opened again for exploration, it was cleared and mapped, samples were collected and described. In the 1980s a geologic exploration of the region took place and two deep boreholes were drilled. They showed that the volume of gold is small on the site and mining would prove unprofitable. The adit can be found in a forest on the slope of the Besídka hill near a forest path and a marked hiking trail. Today, you can still see several places of subsidence and mine dumps (sites of dump rock disposal). For safety reasons, the site is enclosed by a wooden fence and the adit is covered with a bar. There is also a board containing information on the history of the site and a map of adits in the area. The Kozí Hory - Libčice nature trail starting on the Nový Knín square leads through the place.

Route and transport to the site


This site is not suitable for a hike from Slapy, due to its remoteness. You can also take the nature trail Kozí Hory starting in Nový Knín and leading past the site. However, the marking is at times rather damaged and is not always reliable.

Cycling (approx. 17 km):

Golf Slapy - Buš - Čím - Chotilsko - Prostřední Lhota - Libčice - Chramiště. From Chramiště, take the blue-marked hiking trail in direction to Dobříš. The trail follows a forest path and will take you to the defunct mine after about 1 km. The trip is very pleasant and can easily be complemented with a visit of the Karel Čapek memorial in Strž. The trip is rather demanding.

By car (approx. 17 km):

Golf Slapy - Buš - Čím - Chotilsko - Prostřední Lhota - Libčice - Chramiště - Hranice. The gold mine is not directly accessible by car. Park your car at the crossroads near the Hranice settlement (GPS coordinates: 49°45'52.214"N, 14°15'48.397"E) and then take the blue-marked hiking trail in the direction of Dobříš. After about 1 kilometre you will have reached the mine. The walk is suitable for everyone.

GPS coordinates - 49°45'41.003"N, 14°15'16.776"E


Map No. 38 / B3, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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