Would you like to leave your car at home and make a pleasant trip to the area of the Slapy reservoir? This page provides you with the timetables of bus services that will bring you to our neighbourhood. We also provide timetables for boats that make round trips from Prague to Slapy.



To the villages of Slapy, Přestavlky and Buš, which are closest to our Info Centre, you can use bus service No. 361 from Smíchovské nádraží in Prague to the Slapy Jednota bus stop or continue to the Buš bus stop (approx. 3 km from the golf resort), buses Nos. 091 and 446 from Na Knížecí in Prague to the bus stop at Na Polesí – petrol station, or bus No. 390 from Smíchovské nádraží to the Slapy Motorest II bus stop.

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The entire section of the Vltava from Týn nad Vltavou and to the Slapy reservoir is 113 km long and runs through the amazing natural scenery of the central Vltava region. The Quarter boat company offers regular boat service on the Kořensko, Orlík, Kamýk, Slapy and Dalešice reservoirs. It also provides an irregular transport service from March to October, when you can rent the entire boat for your purposes.

Price CZK 20 between the two ports.

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