Gold Museum in the Town of Nový Knín

Just as the nearby town of Štěchovice, Nový Knín is famous for its gold mining past. In the 16th century, Knín was among the most important gold mining towns in the Czech Kingdom. The Gold Museum is situated directly on the town square in a historical mint from the 15th century, which also served and the mayor's office in the past. The museum's exhibition tracks the history of gold mining in the region from the ancient past to the 20th century and provides the context of the history of Nový Knín. The museum is a branch of the Mining Museum Příbram. Nový Knín and particularly its square and the building of the museum also served as the setting for one of the scenes of Ať žijí duchové (Long Live the Ghosts), a popular Czech film for children. If you would like to explore the surroundings of Nový Knín, there are several nature trails devoted to the history of gold mining in the region you can take advantage of.

Route and transport to the site


This site is not suitable for a hike from Slapy, due to its remoteness.

Cycling (approx. 13 km):

In spite of being longer, the cycling route is more attractive than the route for cars. From the Slapy square, take the yellow-marked hiking trail and the old road to the Slapy stately home, which will lead you past a former landfill and current motocross circuit to Porostliny. From there, follow the green-marked hiking trail to Nové Dvory. You will walk past a viewpoint offering a nice view of the Dobříš region. Leave the marked hiking trail there and take the local asphalt road in the direction of Velká Lečice. After the nice downhill stage through the Krámy village and you will reach the Kocába valley. When you reach Velká Lečice, join the green-marked hiking trail again, it will take you through forests, fields and the Kocába valley to the Nový Knín square. And that is where you will find the Gold Museum. The route is very nice and is recommended for moderately experienced cyclists. If you prefer asphalt roads, you can obviously follow the route for cars.

By car (approx. 10 km):

Golf Slapy - Buš - Nová Hospoda - Sudovice - Nový Knín. You can leave your car on the Nový Knín square where the museum is also located.

GPS coordinates - 49°47'16.206"N, 14°17'37.203"E


Map No. 38 / B4, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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