Helena's Oak

A splendid, several-hundred-year-old oak tree protected by the state can be found at a forest road leading from a gamekeeper’s lodge to the valley of the Kocába creek. The oak tree was named after Countess Helena Aichelburg, the daughter of Earl Korb of Weidenheim, the owner of the Slapy manor. Both Countess Helena and her husband Earl Vladimír Aichelburg would enjoy their frequent stays in Slapy, developing a friendly relationship to the region and its people. Especially Helena was growing popular, encouraging zealously local Czech patriots. As a result, one of the most beautiful oak trees of the Slapy forest was named after her. After she died, the Countess was buried at a wall of the Slapy church; her tombstone can still be found here, although the Countess herself is no longer buried in here. She was taken to a family vault in 1907. Interestingly, Earl Vladimír Aichelburg, Helena’s husband, was a founding member of the Slapy volunteer fire department in 1881. An enthusiastic supporter of the local school, he also became the first chairman of the local school committee. Helena’s oak was pruned and treated in 2010.

Route and transport to the site

Walking (approx. 4,6 km):

Starting from the Slapy village square, take the blue-marked hiking trail leading right to Helena’s oak tree. You will walk along forest paths and trails, avoiding any motor traffic. Crossing over the main road connecting Prague and Nový Knín, you will enter a lovely forest ideal for mushroom-picking when the weather is fine. On your way, you can also visit a defunct forest swimming pool and a forgotten small memorial described below, since you will go by them anyway. It is a nice walk, fit for any average hiker.

Cycling (approx. 4,6 km):

See the route for walkers. The biking route is not too demanding.

By car (approx. 5 km):

If you decide to go by car, you’ll need to drive all the way through the Slapy village to the Nový Knín - Prague main road. You will pass a petrol station in the direction of Prague and after some 200 metres pull over at a crossroads (you may park your car on the left side of the main road). You will have to walk from here, taking the blue-marked hiking trail in the direction of the Kocába valley.

GPS coordinates

www.mapy.cz - 49°49'52.483"N, 14°22'29.393"E


Map No. 38 / B5, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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