Hněvšín and Professor František Drtina's farm

Hněvšín is a small village situated between the Besedná hill and Vltava. It is known as the birthplace of PhDr. František Drtina (1861 - 1925), a professor, writer, MP and the first state secretary of the Ministry of Education and National Enlightenment. Professor Drtina often visited his birthplace and would invite his friends to visit him there. He was even paid visit by the Czech president, Professor Masaryk, on several occasions. In 1905, he rode with his children on his bicycle all the way from Prague. The first visit of T. G. Masaryk as a president to Hněvšín took place in 1919 and was kept secret from the public. The president visited an inn in Cholín for refreshments and went on a cruise on the Vltava river to Kobylníky and, from there, he walked to Hněvšín. Cars were waiting there for the guests to take them back to Prague. Today, Drtina family farm bearing No. 4 still stands in Hněvšín and, in 2002, a restored plaque commemorating this remarkable native was reinstalled on the house. In the past few years, Hněvšín became famous as the site of the "General Custer Memorial" organized by Václav Vydra, a popular actor and a horse enthusiast.

Route and transport to the site

Walking (approx. 10 km):

From the Slapy village square, follow the red-marked hiking trail to Hněvšín. The trail is also accessible from the crossroads near a Calvary in Buš. The trail will lead you to the village of Čím and the crossroads above the village of Křeničná. From there, follow the green-marked hiking trail through Křeničná to the Besedná hiking trail crossroads. From there, Hněvšín is a stone's throw away. The local Drtina nature trail will take you there. The route largely follows field and forest paths. The walk is very pleasant. Due to its length, it is suitable mainly for experienced hikers.

Cycling (approx. 11 km):

From Slapy to Hněvšín, you can take marked cycling trail No. 301.It will take you through the villages of Buš, Čím and Křeničná to the crossroads of the Chotilsko - Živohošť road and a turn-off to Hněvšín below the Besedná hill. Leave the trail there and follow the road, which, after a few hundred metres, will take you to the village. The route follows local asphalt roads. The trip is very pleasant and is not particularly demanding.

By car (approx. 12 km):

Golf Slapy - Buš - Čím - Křeničná - Hněvšín. You can park your car by the road off Hněvšín.

GPS coordinates - 49°45'15.345"N, 14°23'9.267"E


Map No. 38 / B5, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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