Kocába creek valley

This beautiful valley of the gold-bearing creek Kocába stretches for about 15 km from Nový Knín to Štěchovice. This part of the creek is not regulated and so it meanders through a silent, deserted valley full of forests and meadows. There used to be several mills on the creek, some of which can still be spotted today. You can also see the remains of mining activities connected to gold mining in the Nový Knín and Štěchovice regions. The creek was also actively used for gold panning. In the valley, there is a nature trail with information on these sites; however, it is unfortunately rather damaged. In the Malá Lečice settlement, at a site where the river pushes around sharp rocks, the first world gold panning championship was held in 1999. As it approaches Štěchovice, the valley, lined with tall rocks, zigzags more and more. In this part, the valley has a very different character. Due to its zigzags, the creek is called by the locals "Hadí řeka" (Snake creek). There are no more empty meadows here. This is where tramp settlements were established since as early as the 1930s and they still buzz with life today. Even a short walk through the Kocába valley is a wonderful experience and if you visit the historical town of Nový Knín on your way there or back, you surely will not be disappointed.

Route and transport to the site

The Kocába valley is not a single destination, but rather an interesting route which can be joined at numerous places without the necessity to pass through the whole valley.

Walking (circuit 1: approx. 15 km/ circuit 2: approx. 15 km):

If you fancy a hike from Slapy to the Kocába valley, you can choose from two pleasant routes. Both of them start at the Slapy village square and it is also possible to combine them according to your mood and fitness.

Circuit 1: From the Slapy village square, follow the blue-marked hiking trail through local forests, leading around a forsaken swimming pool and Helena's oak to the creek in the valley. From the hiking trail cross roads "Pod Bojanovicemi", follow the green-marked hiking trail to Malá Lečice. The route will take you through meadows of the beautiful valley. In Malá Lečice, leave the valley and follow the yellow-marked hiking trail to Slapy via Královky. The trail will take you to the place from which you set off. Due to its length and elevation, the route is suitable for experienced hikers.

Circuit 2: From Slapy village square, follow the yellow-marked hiking trail in the direction of Královky and Malá Lečice, which will take you to the Kocába valley. From Malá Lečice, take the green-marked hiking trail in the direction of Velká Lečice. At the end of the village, the yellow marked trail leaves the asphalt road. Follow this road uphill in the direction of Krámy and Nové Dvory. In Nové Dvory, join the green-marked hiking trail and follow it to Porostliny. The hill between Nové Dvory and Porostliny offers a breath-taking view of the region and the Brdy mountains ridge. In Porostliny, join the yellow-marked hiking trail, which will take you to the Slapy village square. Due to its length and elevation, the route is suitable for experienced hikers.

Cycling (approx. 25-35 km):

Golf Slapy - Buš - Sudovice - Nový Knín - Velká Lečice - Malá Lečice - Štěchovice. You can easily ride through the valley with the exception of a few short stretches where you will need to carry or walk your bike. To go from Knín to Štěchovice through the valley, follow the green-, blue- or yellow-marked hiking trail. It is not necessary to go all the way; you can also make use of the walking route described above. If you plan on ending the trip in Štěchovice, the route is suitable for moderately experienced cyclists. If you plan on returning to Slapy, you cannot avoid a long and difficult uphill stage from Štěchovice (or directly from the Kocába valley, following the blue-marked hiking trail) to Slapy. This makes the trip recommendable only for experienced cyclists.

Car (route 1: approx. 10 km/ route 2: approx. 9 km):

It is not possible to go through the valley by car. You can use your car to get to the area and then take a walk before returning to your car again. In this case, we recommend that you leave your car in Nový Knín or Velká Lečice.

Route 1: Golf Slapy - Buš - Krámy - Velká Lečice. In Velká Lečice, leave your car at the hiking trail crossroads. For a walk along the creek, take the one marked with green. You can choose either direction (Knín or Štěchovice) and once you feel like returning, just follow the same trail back. The trip is suitable for everyone.

Route 2: Golf Slapy - Buš - Sudovice - Nový Knín. You can leave your car on the Nový Knín square, where a hiking trail crossroads is also to be found. For a walk through the valley, take the one marked with green. You can walk as far as Velká Lečiče, or even further. Once you feel like returning, just follow the same trail back. The trip is suitable for everyone.

GPS coordinates

www.mapy.cz - 49°47'16.576"N, 14°17'35.522"E (crossroads Nový Knín) / 49°51'6.922"N, 14°24'22.888"E (crossroads Štěchovice)


Map No. 38/A5/B4, 5, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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