Konopiště stately home

Konopiště, originally a castle, was probably founded by the Prague archbishop Tobiáš z Benešova around 1294. In 1327, it became the property of the Šternberk family, followed by a succession of other owners. The Mediaeval structure of the castle was modified for the first time in the late 15th century. In the 18th century, the castle was rebuilt as a stately home in the Baroque style by the Vrtbové z Vrtby family. In 1887, the estate was bought by František Ferdinand d´Este, from 1896 an heir apparent of the Emperor. He had the house rebuilt in a historicist style and had its surroundings made into a landscape garden. In 1921, the state took Konopiště over from the heirs of the archduke and opened the house and the park to the public. During the Second World War, Konopiště served as the SS headquarters. The house and most of the equipment of its interior survived in the form it had at the times when František Ferdinand d´Este lived there with his family. The house is open to the public only in season. The visitors can choose from three different tours of the house. The park is freely accessible. Konopiště is one of the most popular historical sites in the Czech Republic and is definitely worth a visit.

Route and transport to the site


This site is not suitable for a hike from Slapy, due to its remoteness. The combination of car ride and a walk is ideal.

Cycling (approx. 31 km):

Golf Slapy - Slapy - Nová Rabyně - Neveklov - direction Neštětice - Přibyšice - Vatěkov - Konopiště stately home. The trip is very pleasant and the route will lead you through a charming countryside. The route follows local asphalt roads. As the route is rather long, it is recommended for experienced cyclists. You definitely need a whole day for this trip.

By car (approx. 37 km):

Golf Slapy - Slapy - Nová Rabyně - Neveklov - Tisem - Jirovice - Benešov / Konopiště stately home. You can either leave your car in the Benešov city centre and walk to the stately home, or use the parking area near the stately home. It only takes a few minutes to walk through the park to the stately home. The trip is suitable for everyone.

GPS coordinates

www.mapy.cz - 49°46'46.221"N, 14°39'25.801"E / 49°46'57.603"N, 14°39'31.472"E (parkoviště)


Map No. 40 / B4, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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Info: www.zamek-konopiste.cz