Lešany Military Museum

Opened in 1996, the Lešany Military Museum is one of the branches of the Army Museum in Prague. It is located in former artillery barracks, which can be found between the villages of Lešany and Krhanice. The exhibition focuses on historical heavy fighting machinery. Currently, there are over 300 exhibits (tanks, cars, canons, motorcycles...) on display in 7 halls and in outdoor shelters. With the extent and contents of its collection including numerous unique exhibits, the museum ranks among the most important of its kind in Europe. The visit of the museum is a must for fighting machinery enthusiasts. Among the exhibits is the legendary pink tank formerly serving as a memorial in Prague's Smíchov. Free entry.

Route and transport to the site


This site is not suitable for a hike from Slapy due to its remoteness.

Cycling (approx. 25 km):

Slapy Golf Resort - Slapy - Slapy reservoir- Nová Rabyně - Stromeč - Dalešice - Tuchyně - Netvořice - Břežany - Lešany. The museum is not located directly in Lešany. You can find it in former barracks few kilometres off Lešany. From Lešany, follow the road to Krhanice. After about 1 kilometre, you will find yourselves at a crossroads from which you can follow local signs. Due to the length of the trip and the elevation, the trip is suitable for experienced cyclists.

By car (approx. 25 km):

The route copies the cycling route. You can park directly in front of the entrance to the museum.

GPS coordinates

www.mapy.cz - 49°51'17.624"N, 14°32'40.372"E


Map No. 40 / A2, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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Info: www.vhu.cz/cs/stranka/vojenske-technicke-muzeum/