Magic Spring at Slapy

Slapy and its surroundings used to abound with springs. Sadly, not many have been preserved. One of the few remaining springs is situated in the woods right off the path leading from Slapy to Rovínek pilgrimage site. It is located near one of the bays of the dam, hidden in a self-seeded scrub.  The forest that used to surround it had to make way for an extensive clearing, The spring used to be walled in a different way, but the original wall was completely wrecked by local houseboat and cottage owners in the 50’s and 60’s. Luckily, in the 80’s, some good people renewed it and made it look the way it does now. The spring is called “magic” and a legend has it that if the sick drink from it, they will heal; if those with a secret wish drink from it, their wish will come true, and if the unhappy drink from it, they will rejoice. As processions coming from Slapy to the Rovínek pilgrimage site would stop here, there used to be a card attached with a short prayer on it.

Route and transport to the site

Walking (approx. 2,5 km):

The easiest way to get to the spring is to take the red-marked hiking trail leading from the Slapy village square towards Rovínek. If you go from Přestavlky, you can join this trail at the Slapy post office. This route leading along forest paths and field tracks is suitable for average hikers. Given its proximity, you may want to visit this site while visiting Rovínek.

Cycling (approx. 2,5 km):

Same as the walking route. If you want to make it a longer trip and bike on the main road, follow the instructions for drivers. The biking route is not too demanding.

By car (approx. 4 km):

We recommend against going by car. However, if you do insist, then drive all the way through the Slapy village up to the transport café, turn right on the crossroads and go along the main road towards the dam / Nová Rabyně. As soon as you leave the Slapy village, turn to the Záhoří farmstead (on your right) and drive along a forest road towards the Lahoz cottage settlement. Before you reach the settlement, you have to park your car where the red-marked hiking trail crosses the road. There is a small area where containers for mixed and separated waste are placed. You will need to continue on foot, following the red-marked hiking trail in the direction of Rovínek. After a 250-metre descent along a forest trail you will reach the spring, hidden among the self-seeded scrub on your left. You will, however, find a path leading to the spring.

GPS coordinates - 49°49'5.832"N, 14°25'3.204"E


Map No. 38 / B5, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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