"Medník" farm selling home-made products

This small, organic farm was established in 1999. It is run the same way our grandmothers and grandfathers used to run their farms. You can arrange a tour in advance. The farm offers a welcoming atmosphere and information on family farms. The trip is especially suitable for families with children, who can enjoy meeting a real life horse, cow, goat etc. All the animals are accustomed to human contact. Depending on the time of the year, you can also buy home-made organic products (cheese, apple juice ...). The farm is definitely worth a visit!

Route and transport to the site


This site is not suitable for a hike from Slapy due to its remoteness.

Cycling (approx. 21 km):

Slapy Golf Resort - Slapy - Slapy reservoir- Nová Rabyně - Stromeč - Nedvězí - Vysoký Újezd - Teletín - Krňany - Závist. In Závist, follow local direction indicators. The cycling route is almost twice as long as the car route. But its profile is more favourable, as the car route (which you can also take) climbs steep hills. Moreover, the car route follows busy roads. The trip is suitable for experienced cyclists.

By car (approx. 14 km):

Golf Slapy - Slapy - Štěchovice - Hradištko - Závist. You cannot miss the farm, as it is situated directly by the road and directions are given by indicators. The trip can be supplemented by a number of walks in the forests and meadows nearby.

GPS coordinates

www.mapy.cz - 49°51'19.422"N, 14°26'47.198"E


Map No. 38 / A6, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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