Welcome to the website of St. John Gallery – a special project located in the Sun Pavilion, the multifunctional clubhouse of St. John Golf Park at Slapy.

Within the numerous activities pursued in the Sun Pavilion, we also organise regular exhibitions. The premises of the largest of the diverse parts of the interior of the multfunctional centre provide almost perfect grounds for a gallery. The lighting conditions, the abundance of natural scattered light that penetrates into the building through the roof windows and the large glazed parts of the walls ensure a very natural view of the installations. During the year, we intend to present various renowned Czech artists and photographers, who will display their works. The gallery exhibits not only photographs, paintings, graphics and other works of art installed on the walls, but also various objects, statues and three-dimensional installations. We are convinced that you will enjoy the gallery and our choice of artistic objects. Of course, you may purchase the exhibited works. We will be pleased to advise and assist you and arrange all the details.

Sun and nothing but Sun!

The Sun Pavilion – our multifunctional clubhouse – became an integral part of St. John Golf Park at Slapy in the summer of 2011. The building provides facilities both for golfers and for tourists and other visitors. The ceremonial inception also included the opening of the first exhibition in the spacious and sun-lit premises of St. John Gallery (named after the martyr Saint John). The gallery is naturally incorporated into almost all the publicly accessible premises of the Pavilion and thus complements the everyday life of the building. The exhibited works of arts naturally address the people who pass through the building, influence them and enrich their perception of the world.

Ivan AnderleThe first author presented on these premises is the long-time photographer, aviator, car aficionado and also a golf player, Mr. Ivan Anderle.

In addition, the gallery also displayed pictures and paintings of female nudes, as well as drawings and designs of exotic buildings and interiors created by the building’s architect – J.G. Gebert. Moreover, Pavla Charvátová, the author of the entire project of the gallery (and of the idea of linking the gallery with golf and tourism and thus bringing contemporary Czech art to everyday life and the visitors to the area) also intends to display three-dimensional works of art in the gallery - statues, artistic objects and installations. The expositions of Czech artists and photographers are changed four times a year within the regular exhibition cycle. Larger works made of durable materials decorate the surroundings of the building and complement the colonial style of the structure. This entire area is bathed in sunlight penetrating through the glass window in the ceiling, embellished with long split bamboo poles.

Academic sculptor Antonín Kašpar is the first sculptor to have major metal statues displayed in the resort, directly on the golf course, in front of the building and inside it. The large modern statues made of black metal are scattered throughout the golf course. This provides a unique interconnection of the landscape and human creations.

Modern art installed in the exterior makes a pleasant contrast to the enormous stone statues imported from India, which surround the premises and “guard” them from the outside, resembling the statues of giants at the entrances to some old palaces in Prague.

Indeed, the style of the exterior facings and surfaces, as well as of the entire interior, can trace its origins back to the times of colonial England – the period when the British Kingdom had its colonies spread around numerous exotic parts of the planet. The equipment and fittings will be truly original and unique. “For the time being, we are trying to find old authentic objects with their own spirit and history. Nonetheless, some parts of the furniture will probably have to be custom-made to fit in the Sun Pavilion. The architect first prepared his concept, which we then described and explained to our partners in Asia and they started to look for suitable pieces of furniture from individual suppliers and vendors, in market places and bazaars. Statues from Indonesia will have the farthest to travel, but the route followed by furniture from the Indian Rajasthan will also take some time. Masks from Nepal will first have to slowly descend from the mountains, where monks carve them by hand in their monasteries,” says Ivan Marusic, co-owner and Executive Director of Sanu Babu spol. s r.o. For over two years Mr. Marusic has been hunting for suitable objects and materials (furniture, textiles, facing materials, as well as small statues, masks, decorative articles and other things) for the Sun Pavilion in India, Nepal and Indonesia and in other countries.

Ivan Marusic has travelled thousands of kilometres, crossed India back and forth and has gigabytes of pictures, drawings and photographs in his computer, as he sent them from time to time from his travels to show us what could fit in the Sun Pavilion. When you ask him which item, in his opinion, will cause the biggest sensation here in Europe, he just says: “I’d prefer to wait and see how the individual things work in the interior of the building itself and its surroundings. Our objective is to create a harmonious complex where remarkable and original pieces of art are in accord with the design of the whole place. Only then will we find what is most interesting. An item that shines in Asia may appear rather differently at Slapy. However, the great stone statues, carved decorative portals and large wooden columns are particularly unusual for Europe. You’ll be able to see for yourselves …”

In addition to the facilities described above, the Sun Pavilion also encompasses an information centre for tourists, a bike rental shop, and two multimedia rooms for meetings, small conferences, workshops and other events. The plans for the building also includewellness and spa operations, as well as exercise programmes and even a children’s playground. The actual operations and time itself will show what other opportunities the multifunctional building can provide.

The Pavilion’s surroundings include a spacious terrace perfect for sitting outside. Beneath the terrace, the hot summer air is cooled by a small pond. The view from the terrace and the entire glazed part of the restaurant is oriented to the south-east and east – i.e. towards the lake and the surrounding hills of the Hrdlička nature reserve. A panoramic view of the hills opens up before your eyes …

The RWE company is a partner of the Galery.