Sun Pavilion

In August 2011 we opened our multifunctional building, which serves as an integral part of the entire St. John Golf Park. The “Sun Pavilion” provides a number of opportunities for all visitors, not only for golfers. This state-of-the-art building is naturally incorporated into the local landscape and offers a number of various functions, including two audiovisual multi-media rooms for small conferences and workshops, a small wellness studio, premises for various types of exercises  and potentially also rehabilitation; visitors can use the services of a tourist information centre, while art lovers will be delighted to see our gallery. We also organise social events. The Sun Pavilion is indeed an ingenious structure.

Architects and Designers

The project of this multifunctional building was drawn up by the renowned Czech-German architect and interior designer, Jiří Georg Gebert, whose portfolio of projects also includes golf resorts, e.g., in Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Switzerland, the U.S.A., the Dominican Republic and also in the Czech Republic. J.G. Gebert is a member of the Czech Chamber of Architects and of Bayerische Architektenkammer. He is the author of a number of construction projects designated as Golf Clubhouse, Golf Residence, Golf Hotel and Golf Estate Development, implemented throughout the world.

His designs are characterised by the author’s comprehension of the genius loci of the site and careful incorporation of the structures into the landscape. Let him describe the St. John Golf Park project and its multifunctional building:
The Sun Pavilion wants to charm you by its variety and elegance in harmony with the landscape and the wide spaces of the Slapy golf course. I always undertake my projects in their specific environment and I therefore always seek a carefully considered local solution. New technologies, procedures and materials are a challenge for an architect’s fantasy. However, there are no test prototypes and mass production in the construction business; unlike a perfect globalised branded product, we create unique objects. The Sun Pavilion is one of a kind. Architecture must work with such sophisticated systems, as is nature herself, and I therefore no longer have any sympathy for banal solutions lacking inspiration. Enjoy your stay."




* Born on 6 June 1942 in Prague, Podolí
Czech Technical University, Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Academy of Fine Arts; School of Architecture (not completed)
member of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects
member of the Czech Chamber of Architects
member of the Czech Chamber of Golf Designers