Pikovice and the Sázava trail

Pikovice is nowadays a well-known resort on the Sázava river and it is popular with water sportsmen, who visit in in great numbers, especially in summer. But it is definitely worth visiting even if you are not a fan of water sports. The first recorded mention of Pikovice dates back to 1571.In 1638, it became a part of the Hradištko estate owned by the Strahov monastery. The life of the small settlement was dramatically changed by the construction of the railway along the Sázava at the turn of the 20th century. Thanks to the railway and economic growth occurring after the establishment of the new republic in 1918, ideal conditions for the upswing of Pikovice as a destination for relaxing and summer holiday for inhabitants of the near-by Prague. In the 1920s and 1930s, massive development took place and a small village of only few houses turned into a resort full of imposing mansions and numerous restaurants. And Pikovice still remains a pleasant destination for a summer trip even today. Everyone will surely enjoy walking and relaxing on the banks of Sázava (swimming in the river is definitely an option as well).

Pikovice can also serve as a starting point for a walk on the Sázava trail, which is about 9 kilometres long and leads through the beautiful Sázava valley to the village of Kamenný Přívoz. The opening of the trail in the Sázava valley was first proposed on a meeting of the Czech Tourist Club in 1912. The trail was opened on 20 June 1920.It was so popular that it had to be broadened in the following years and thus received its current form. It was re-opened in the summer of 1924.You can also walk just a part of the trail and then return to Pikovice, taking another marked trail via Medník, the only site in the Czech Republic where you can see a critically endangered plant with violet flowers called dog's tooth violet.

Route and transport to the site


Pikovice is not suitable for a walk from Slapy. But you can go by car to Pikovice and then walk in the area or make use of the Sázava trail. This combination is perfect.

Cycling (approx. 13 km):

Slapy - Štěchovice - Hradištko - Pikovice. You can cycle to the site, but the route follows rather busy roads and, when in Pikovice, there are not many options as to making any cycling trips in the area.

By car (approx. 13 km):

Slapy - Štěchovice - Hradištko - Pikovice. It is ideal to go to Pikovice by car and then make use of some of the marked hiking trails for a walk in the area. The best option is the red-marked hiking trail following the Sázava trail. The trip is very nice and the trail will take you through the Sázava valley all the way to Kamenný přívoz. But you do not have to make the whole walk; you can return at any time and take some rest in one of the restaurants or confectioneries in Pikovice. The ideal, even if a more demanding, is taking the Sázava trail and returning to Pikovice via Medník, following the green-marked hiking trail. The route is not too demanding.

GPS coordinates

 www.mapy.cz - 49°52'37.513"N, 14°25'38.689"E (Pikovice crossroads) / 49°51'41.485"N, 14°30'17.545"E (Kamenný Přívoz crossroads)


Map No. 38 / A5, 6 KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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Info: http://hradistko.cz/pikovice