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The Sun Pavilion also include a restaurant. The restaurant provides modern high-quality and local cuisine based on first-class materials and a family atmosphere. The chef prepares both Czech and international meals; as a bonus for you, we shall select a meal as the most interesting from a particular continent, region or country.  You can look forward to seasonal fruits and vegetables. The menu is very simple and clear. It provides a basic choice in each category – there is no need to be afraid of long, confusing and empty-worded lists of exotic names. The menu includes several cold and hot appetizers, a soup á la carte and soup of the day, salads and no more than ten main meals so that we are able to guarantee top quality and modify the menu frequently. We also offer one or two “ready-made” meals every day for those who do not have time for long feasts; nevertheless, yet again quality is essential – is there anything more delicious than home-made beef with cream sauce or delicate sautéed chicken with rice? We provide seasonal specialties, such as variations of freshly grown bright-green leafy lettuces; in the summer, we offer fresh strawberry or apricot variations, home-made dumplings or grilled fresh vegetables, and, in the autumn, venison or meals inspired by pears and plums … Finally, you won’t be able to resist our delicious desserts and home-made pastries prepared directly in the restaurant and tasting like your grandmother made them!

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During the summer months (but not only then!), we serve meat grilled right on our spacious, yet sheltered terrace, with views of the landscape. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a quiet moment with a good drink and can indulge in the magic of the picturesque landscape, while recalling all the holes you pared or birdied. All kinds of steaks are served.
The restaurant is managed by a family tandem! The friendly and pleasant approach of the personnel guarantees that you’ll feel at home at the Slapy restaurant.

For more detailed information, inquire by e-mail at, or by phone at: +420 222 351 802.

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