Saint Peter’s and Paul’s church in Slapy

For centuries, the Saint Peter’s and Paul’s Church in Slapy has been an inimitable part of the Slapy skyline, being, undoubtedly, Slapy’s major monument and dominant feature. Built in the Baroque style, it was erected in place of the destroyed Saint Gothard’s church in 1693. According to some, it was designed by Jan Blažej Santini-Aichel (1677-1723), the great Baroque architect. His authorship cannot be supported with direct evidence, being deduced from the overall style of the building only. For a rural church, it is an interesting and unusual building indeed. The church has an octagonal shape and an impressive brick cupola topped with an octagonal-shaped lantern. The nave is 18.43 metres long, 14.14 metres wide and 22 metres high.

The pyramidal roof of the lantern above the cupola is topped with a six-point star; the double roof of the bell tower is topped with a metal decorative cross. There are crossed keys on the roof of the presbytery, a symbol of Saint Peter’s keys. During the renovation of the interior of the church in 1911 to 1912, traces of the original frescoes were uncovered under the lime plaster; their laborious renovation was carried out by Zikmund Rudl, an academic painter. On the frescos, you can see the Czech patron saints Vojtěch, Václav, Prokop, Vít, Jan Nepomucký and the patron saints of today's Saint Peter’s and Paul’s church . In the middle, in a pre-eminent position, there is the emblem of the Abbot of Zbraslav, under whom the cathedral was completed.

In wartimes, valuable sacred vessels of the Zbraslav Monastery were kept in the Slapy Church together with a precious panel painting of Virgin Mary of Zbraslav - a gift from King Wenceslaus II. Situated on the outer southern facade of the church is a sundial uncovered and renovated by Václav Mašek, an academic painter, during the restoration of the church in the 1970´s. Saint Peter’s and Paul’s Church in Slapy, interior The roof of the church used to be made of classic fired tiles. It was not made of copper until the renovation of 1988 and 1989.A charnel house adjoins to the church. In all probability it was built sometime after the church itself. Rare frescoes were uncovered in the interior of the charnel house; however, the condition of the charnel house is unfortunately poor. Being part of the Štěchovice parish, there is a service in the church every Sunday. From the outside of the church, one can get a magnificent view of the whole village and the picturesque countryside.

Route and transport to the site

Walking (approx. 1,5 km):

Situated right in Slapy´s centre, the church is literally within sight of your starting point. Walk through the Přestavlky village and when at a commemorative lime-tree situated at the crossroads between Přestavlky and Slapy take the road leading aslant to the left, ascending to the village square, passing by a post office. Climb the stairs of a recently renovated park leading up to the church.  Fit for everyone, it is a pleasant stroll.

Cycling (approx. 1,5 km):

Same as walking.

By car (approx. 1,7 km):

Going by car is possible, however, given the short distance, rather pointless. If you do go by car, you will need to park your car in the Slapy village square and proceed to the church on foot.

GPS coordinates - 49°48'50.887"N, 14°23'53.278"E


Map No. 38 / B5, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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