Slapy stately home

Similarly to many other Czech and Moravian villages, Slapy have their own stately home, too. In fact, it used to be a monastic fortified yard belonging to the Zbraslav Monastery for many years. The first mention of the yard (and Slapy) dates from 1292. In the wake of the abolition of the Zbraslav Monastery in 1785, the whole Slapy manor including the yard was appropriated by the state. Karel Bedřich Baron Korb of Weidenheim bought the former monastic residence in 1825, converting it into a smallish manor in 1841. The whole manor was appropriated by Count Bedřich Westphalen in 1881. He was, however, forced to sell it towards the close of the First World War. The whole Slapy manor was transferred to the administration of Prague´s Agrární banka (Agrarian Bank) in 1919. Agrární banka sold the manor to Leo Bondy, the President of Prague´s Chamber of Commerce, for 2 million crowns (Emil and Egon Bondy inherited his assets later). The owners had the stately home and all the premises of the manor converted into a Neo-baroque stately home between 1927 and 1930.

Replacing the original fish pond, a garden pond was built in front of the stately home. New barns, wheelwright´s and blacksmith´s workshops, a greenhouse equipped with a hot water heater, even a petrol station were set up on the premises of the manor. Jewish of origin, the Bondys had no other choice but to flee abroad at the beginning of the war. On the premises of the stately home, a Hitlerjugend school was situated and training of the instructors of Kuratorium, a Czech version of Hitlerjugend, took place there. After the war, the family was given its assets back, only to lose it once again after 1948. The premises were used by the armed forces of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in the second half of the 20th century. The stately home was returned to its rightful owners after 1990. Empty and inaccessible to public, the stately home is private property nowadays. Both Czech and foreign filmmakers come here to shoot their films.

Route and transport to the site

Walking (approx. 1,5 km):

Slapy Stately Home is situated in the lower part of the village off the road leading to Buš. As mentioned above, the stately home is inaccessible permanently; taking a look on the premises is possible by peeking through a southern gate only. Fit for everyone, it is a pleasant stroll.

Cycling (approx. 1,5 km):

Same as walking.

By car (approx. 1,5 km):

Going by car is possible, however, given the short distance, rather pointless. If you do go by car, then you need to park your car in the Slapy village square and walk a few dozens of metres.

GPS coordinates - 49°48'42.997"N, 14°23'49.097"E


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