Statute of Association ST. JOHN GOLF CLUB


Statute of Association
Section 1
Name, Seat, Objective, Term
ST. JOHN GOLF CLUB (“GOLF CLUB SVATÝ JAN”) is an association pursuant to Act No. 83/1990 Coll., on association of citizens. The association is a legal entity and may establish branches, found other legal entities or become part of other legal entities pursuant to this Statute.
The name of the association is ST. JOHN GOLF CLUB. In this Statute, it is hereafter referred to as SJGC.
The seat of SJGC is located at: Slapy 387, 252 08 Slapy nad Vltavou.
The objective of SJGC is to associate its members with a view to play golf and to create and provide conditions for golf and the related services required for the fulfilment of sports and social interests.
The objective of SJGC shall be attained particularly through the following activities:
a) organisation of the members;
b) provision of grounds for golf by renting out the golf course and other facilities, as appropriate;
c) support for recreational and competitive golf;
d) general support for and promotion of golf, SJGC, its business partners and the golf course in the Czech Republic and abroad;
e) organisation of educational, training, relaxation, social, cultural and economic interests of SJGC;
f) creation of conditions for the fulfilment of sports, social, cultural and economic interests of SJGC.
The SJGC association is founded for an indefinite term.