The column of crucifixion at road Buš - Slapy

At the crossroads off Buš village, you will find a column with a cross placed on top. Various sources provide various dates and reasons for the erection of the column of crucifixion. According to an inventory of monuments in the Kingdom of Bohemia compiled by bishop Antonín Podlaha, the column was erected to mark the end of the Thirty Years' War in mid-17th century. It is said to have been erected by the devout Buš community. A different source suggests that the column might come from the Theresian era - a time this region suffered an outbreak of plague. The column was erected off a historical road connecting the Slapy and Buš villages in an elevation providing a superb panorama. The owners of the field in the tip of which the column is situated are said to have been taking care of it and repairing it. Jan Listík residing at Buš No. 1 performed the last repair of the column preceding the construction of the road. Lying in the way of an intended turning leading to the Vltava river, the column of crucifixion was dismantled and transferred a few metres away as the construction of a new road to Svatojanské proudy (the road leading from the crossroads off Buš along the golf course to the Skalice campsite and Ždáň) was started.

The dismantling took place on 29 September 1931. Labourers installed a wooden trihedron over the column dismantling it into three pieces with the assistance of chains. To everyone’s surprise, the column was hollow. The labourers assumed that the column was built by walling a tree trunk in; the tree trunk disintegrating later. Large number of human skulls and bones found in the vicinity of the construction site was transferred along with the column to its new site. As the construction of the road was underway, the column was taken to a Prague sculptor for restoration. The hollow was braced by iron and lined with concrete. The column was reinstalled on 23 August 1932.In the years that followed, two lime trees were planted next to the column of crucifixion, hiding most of the column nowadays. Rotunda, a transport café, was built unfortunately in the very vicinity of the column in the 1990s.

Route and transport to the site

Walking (approx. 1,7 km):

You can easily reach the site on foot within dozens of minutes, as it is only a few hundreds of metres away from the golf course. The column of crucifixion is located at the crossroads near the Buš village, at the turning of the road leading from Slapy to Ždáň and Skalice resorts. You will have to walk on an asphalt road all the way.

Cycling (approx. 1,7 km):

See the route for walkers.

By car (approx. 1,7 km):

See the route for walkers. You can park your car right in the vicinity of the column of crucifixion in Rotunda’s car park.

GPS coordinates - 49°48'15.525"N, 14°23'12.492"E


Map No. 38 / B5, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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