The Nedvězí fortress and the mill

The Nedvězí wooden fortress was first mentioned in 1358 as the seat of the local suzerain, the Nedvězský of Nedvězí noble family. From 1683, the fortress was held by the Canonry of St. Vitus Cathedral in Hradčany, Prague. The building as we know it today was built around 1700 on the site of the former wooden fortress. From 1858, it was rented out and, finally, in 1927, it was sold to private owners. After 1948, the building was taken over by a state farm and it gradually started to deteriorate. After 1990, it was returned to its original owners, who sold it in 1995, and, after a substantial renovation, it became a farm.

Just a few dozens of meters from here, you can see the mill from the popular Czech film Seclusion Near a Forest, featuring Ladislav Smoljak, a famous Czech actor. The mill is privately held. Unfortunately, in the winter of 2010, its roof collapsed under the pressure of snow.

Route and transport to the site

Walking (approx. 11 km):

From the Slapy village square, follow the red-marked hiking trail in the direction towards Štěchovice. The trail will take you past the Rovínek chapel and to the road to the dam. Take your right and follow the road. When you reach the dam, take the blue-marked hiking trail in the direction towards Vysoký Újezd. Walk through the village of Rabyně to the valley, to a former mill called "Pexův luh". From there, follow the yellow-marked hiking trail to Nedvězí. Shortly before Nedvězí, you will pass the famous mill from Seclusion Near a Forest. It is a very pleasant walk, following forest and field paths, with the exception of a part about 2 kilometres long. As the route is rather long, it is suitable for experienced hikers.

Cycling (approx. 13 km):

Slapy Golf Resort - Slapy - Slapy reservoir - Nová Rabyně - Stromeč - direction Neveklov. Leave the trunk road off the Loutí colony, take your left and follow the yellow-marked hiking trail. It is a forest road, which will take you directly to Nedvězí. The route mainly follows asphalt roads. Despite the long climb after Nová Rabyně, the trip is not very demanding.

By car (approx. 16 km):

Golf Slapy - Slapy - Slapy reservoir - Nová Rabyně - Stromeč - direction Neveklov - turn-off direction Vysoký Újezd - Nedvězí. You can park your car directly in front of the farm. The trip is very pleasant and can be supplemented by a number of short walks in the area.

GPS coordinates - 49°48'23.156"N, 14°27'58.128"E (Nedvězí) / 49°48'29.25"N, 14°27'52.558"E (mlýn)


Map No. 38 / B6, KČT (Czech Tourist Club) series

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