Trips & Hikes

On this page, you can find a choice of trips (hikes, bike trips and motorised trips). You can enjoy them on your own, with your friends or with the entire family on foot, on a bike or by car, or using other means of transport available in the area (boat trips are popular). The list provided below contains over 50 sites interesting because of their history or natural scenery. By clicking on the titles, you can access detailed description of the route, ways to get to the site, characteristics of the location and its history, as well as a set of pictures of the area (contemporary or historical).

We have also found, described and tried out a number of attractive bike routes in the surroundings. The starting and finishing points of each bike trip are at the Sun Pavilion. The routes are mostly intended for average cyclists. All that including GPS coordinates of the individual points on the route.

Detailed information has been prepared for you by an expert on local history, an enthusiastic tourist and a collector of historical photographs of the area, Mr Vojtěch Pavelčík. More details on the author can be found at:

Our trips cover an area of approx. 30 km from the Sun Pavilion. We believe that you will enjoy these trips and the sites we have chosen for you. If you are familiar with an interesting landmark that is missing in our list, we will be happy to receive a tip from you at:

Interesting landmarks in Slapy and its vicinity:

  1. Saint Peter’s and Paul’s Church in Slapy history/church
  2. Slapy stately home history
  3. Rovínek pilgrimage site history/church/water
  4. Three Crosses (Tři kříže) - Centre of the Kingdom of Bohemia near Slapy history/legend
  5. The column of crucifixion by the road from Buš to Slapy history/church
  6. Helena’s oak legend
  7. Magic spring near Slapy legend
  8. Vltava trail/former Saint John’s Currents history/water
  9. Slapy dam water/interesting site
  10. Třebenice and its tramps’ pub U Taterů interesting site
  11. Small memorial to a gamekeeper murdered in a forest above Štěchovice legend
  12. Forgotten small memorial in the woods off a road above Slapy legend
  13. A defunct forest swimming pool interesting site
  14. Panorama view of the Slapy Lake and its resorts above Nová Rabyně view

Interesting landmarks and sites in the wider surroundings of Slapy:

  1. Máj viewpoint off Teletín view
  2. Smetana viewpoint off Třebsín view/history/music
  3. Štěchovice dam and its power plant interesting site/water
  4. Reservoir of the Štěchovice pumped storage plant interesting site/water
  5. Besedná hill and remains of the Drtina observation tower interesting site/view
  6. Hněvšín and Professor František Drtina’s farm interesting site
  7. The Nedvězí fortress and the mill from the popular Czech film Seclusion Near a Forest interesting site/film
  8. Medník farm selling of home-made products interesting site/family
  9. Netvořice Municipal Museum history/region
  10. Netvořice Museum of Motorcycles history/motoring
  11. Lešany Military Museum history/military
  12. Regional Museum in Jílové u Prahy history/mines
  13. Gold Museum in the Town of Nový Knín history/mines
  14. “Lourdes” pilgrimage site off Nový Knín interesting site/legend
  15. Defunct goldmine in Kozí Hory u Nového Knína history/mines
  16. Kocába river valley interesting site/water/track
  17. Open-air Mining Museum Březové Hory in Příbram history/mines
  18. Příbram and a pilgrimage site at Svatá Hora history/church
  19. Vojna Memorial in Lešetice u Příbrami history/pieta
  20. Observation tower on the Veselý hill off Mokrsko view
  21. Observation tower on the Drahoušek hill off Osečany view
  22. Observation tower on the Neštětická mountain off Neveklov view
  23. Observation tower on the Pepř hill off Jílové u Prahy view
  24. Peasant’s Granary Museum in Prostřední Lhota u Chotilska history/peasantry
  25. Hrazany Celtic oppidum history
  26. Saint Fabian and Sebastian church in Živohošť history/church
  27. Rocks with inscriptions (Psané skály) interesting site/legend
  28. Albert‘s rocks interesting site/unique site/circuit
  29. Karel Čapek Memorial in Strž u Staré Huti off Dobříš history/literature
  30. Josef Suk Memorial in Křečovice and the village square from the My Sweet Little Village film history/music/film
  31. Dobříš Stately Home history
  32. Jablonná nad Vltavou Château history
  33. Konopiště stately home history
  34. Vrchotovy Janovice chateau and its park history/interesting site
  35. Mníšek pod Brdy stately home and Skalka pilgrimage site
  36. Ruins of the Ostromeč castle + abbot’s Zavoral viewpoint history/view
  37. Ruins of the Kozí hřbet castle history
  38. Pikovice and the Sázava trail interesting site/water/circuit
  39. Ostrov monastery excavations and Svatý Kilián u Davle Church history/church/unique site
  40. Sekanka and remains of its Middle Ages settlement history